The Idea



The "Enlightenment in Dialogue" series comprises a number of dialogue blocks. Information can be found here about the structure and concept of this series of events. more

Mission Statement

Why is Stiftung Mercator staging the "Enlightenment in Dialogue" series of events? An answer to this question can be found here. more

“The Art of the Enlightenment” exhibition

The "Enlightenment in Dialogue" series is the academic accompaniment to the exhibition “The Art of the Enlightenment”. more

Stiftung Mercator Building

Stiftung Mercator

Stiftung Mercator would like to engage long-term with German-Chinese relations. Further information about Stiftung Mercator in China can be found here. more

National Museum of China

The National Museum of China (NMC) is a universal museum with a primary focus on history and art that systematically presents the long-standing culture and history of the Chinese nation and global civilization. more




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The following Dialogues took place in the National Museum of China from spring 2011 to spring 2012. more