Series Concept

The Enlightenment in Dialogue series comprises a number of dialogue blocks which continue for the entire duration of the exhibition. At intervals of around two months, the dialogue blocks take place in parallel to the exhibition at the National Museum of China, addressing various facets of a contemporary examination of the subject of enlightenment. Each dialogue consists of a public lecture and a panel discussion.

The “Enlightenment in Dialogue” series of events will thus comprise the following elements:

Lecture series

The lecture series encompasses a number of lectures before a large audience. They will deal with quite different aspects of the present day that are associated with the Age of Enlightenment, for example: 1.The Art of Enlightenment – the History of the Exhibition, 2. Enlightenment and Arts, 3. Enlightenment in Chinese History, 4. Enlightenment and Modernity, 5. Enlightenment and Intellectual Culture.

Chinese-European panel discussions

A panel discussion follows each lecture, picking up on the issues raised in the lecture before. The intention is for a lively discussion to ensue between Chinese and German/European participants.

In addition, Stiftung Mercator, has separately initiated a series of salons on the subject, giving German and Chinese intellectuals the chance to exchange views and ideas on philosophical, social and artistic aspects in small groups. Further information about the salons can be found here.


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